Lake House

This fantastic lake house is the third home that Susan has decorated for this family. Firstly, there was a traditional centre-hall, wood-sided family home and then there was a very hip, modern townhouse. The couple's son who was eight years old when the first house was decorated is now twenty-five and on his own. So land was purchased by the water, the design was selected and construction began in earnest. Every detail in the house was carefully chosen and implemented. A daring colour scheme has been the driving force behind design decisions. The house is a showstopper.  The limestone fireplace is situated on a 14' high wall which is covered with a gold wallpaper by Cole and Son.  A funky newly designed wallpaper by Cole is also used in the entryway. Across the wide seating area is a large 12' x 13' cream coloured bookcase, which is presently in the process of being filled with family treasures. All furniture has been custom designed and covered with fabrics by Sanderson, Harlequin, Donghia, Jim Thompson and Kirk Brummel. The kitchen cabinets are 'spunkily' highlighted with pink synthetic fibre and the drawer pulls are Swarovski crystal. The counter stools are from Italy and have been gilded with gold leaf and varnished to a durable finish.  In the Close Ups section of this website a bathroom from this house is briefly featured. Spanish onyx has been used on the floor and in the shower.  Because of the size of the main room and because of its lively colour, a carpet is being custom made. Draperies at the windows will soon keep out the sun's rays and simultaneously be the 'icing on the cake' of this wonderful house. 

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