Oakville Home Interior Design Project

A young couple purchased this house a year ago full knowing that it could be transformed from a forgotten eyesore into a smashing stylish home. It had not been touched in forty years, but the location- just a five minute walk to the lake- won against the sad state of the house. A lot of hard work took place in the last twelve months and the owners' vision has been realized. Susan was on board from the beginning of this adventure. The roof was replaced immediately and then attention was turned to the inside. (Landscaping is just beginning.) The construction of this house was sound right from the get go, (an engineer was called in) so, although the bulk of the work was very physical, it was not structurally related. Walls, however, were taken down, new floors and ceilings were installed. Pot lights took the place of hanging fixtures. The entire 60's kitchen was removed and replaced with granite-topped custom built cabinetry and bathrooms were reconfigured. A skylight reflects light on the mica tiles in the glass shower. Two bedrooms were made from three and the lower level has undergone a major transformation with the installation of hand-dowelled pine floors and all new walls and ceilings. Another bedroom, a washroom and an exercise room accompany a large family room. The homeowners had foresight and determination when they decided to make this house a proud member of its neighbourhood.

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